Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wood Highlights

A Gem or Just Another Wood... 

Most of us will agree that Manzanita Burl, is one of the most if not the most beautiful wood on the planet. The rich red grains coupled with the variations in the creamy yellow sap wood leaves us craving for the another jewel - the pomegranate fruit. Yes, this wood when turned into a beautiful vase with all those interesting dark natural edges forming the outer surface of the vase, I'd say is a pomegranate fruit waiting to be devoured.

This wood is somewhat difficult to come by. We have found one artist or wood turner Warren Vienneau who has turned some very desirable pieces throughout the years and has been quite consistent in the quality of his choice of this precious wood. The Elkan clock pictured above was bought by a British collector.

Lignum Vitae - The Hardest and Most Dense Wood In The World...

Well this wood is most definitely a gem of woods--no question about that.

 Apart from the fact that Lignum Vitae has all the above claim to fame it is known for its attractive grain (dark green heart and vanilla colored sap) therefore making it the perfect wood for a high end carving, a specialty utilitarian wood and of course quite the conversation piece. Some people would say a lignum vitae cutting board is more like a great big pork chop.
However, due to the fact that the tight grains of this wood interlock and the heartwood contains some natural oils, it is not a good candidate for nails or glue. Therefore, if and when you find items made from lignumvitae, they will most likely be turned on a lathe, or transformed into a beautiful wood carving. "The Girl In Braids" by Donita Davis, is a magnificent lignum vitae woodcarving.

---All made from a wood to behold.---